Digit-Eyes Lite 1.3.1

Digit-Eyes Lite 1.3.1


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Date Added:20 December, 2014

Author: Digital Miracles, L.L.C.

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Digit-Eyes Lite allows you to read Digit-Eyes QR (Quick-Response) text bar code labels. It can be upgraded to read UPC / EAN labels as well. You can make and read your own labels, too! Using the Digit-Eyes website, you'll be able to create a PDF file of Digit-Eyes QR bar codes that each contain up to 250 characters of text. These codes are useful for labeling items where the content is not expected to change. You can create labels to identify clothing, CDs, canning, moving boxes, important documents, appliance settings and more.

Using the printer attached to your computer, you can print the PDF of these codes on inexpensive address labels and affix the labels to items that you want to identify.

When you scan the Digit-Eyes Quick-Response (QR) text labels using the Digit-Eyes Lite app on your iPhone or iPad, the content of the labels will displayed and, if you have VoiceOver active, read aloud to you.

In addition to reading the Digit-Eyes text labels, you'll also be able to use the Digit-Eyes Lite application on your iPhone or iPad to read standard Quick-Response (QR) barcode labels.

Please note that Digit-Eyes Lite does not natively read UPC / EAN codes or barcodes that are in the code 3-of-9 format; it also does not read the voice labels that the full version of Digit-Eyes can create. It is only set up to read and voice Quick-Response (QR) text bar codes. You can purchase separate upgrades that allow you to add functionality to read UPC and EAN manufacturer's barcodes, to read code 3-of-9 barcode labels or to read code128 barcode labels. You can also add an option to record and play Digit-Eyes audio labels of your own.

Digit-Eyes Lite is intended to be used by people who live or work with someone who has the full version of Digit-Eyes, but who need don't need the full product, only the ability to read and create text labels. A typical example would be a sighted person who can tell what an item is and doesn't need to be able to scan UPC / EAN codes, but who does need to be able to understand the contents of the Digit-Eyes text labels created and used by a spouse or co-worker.

Thus, Digit-Eyes Lite is a good choice if you just want to use your iPhone or iPad to read the Digit-Eyes QR-coded text labels or to create text labels that you and others can read with the Digit-Eyes application on your iPhone or iPad.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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